My Business

My business began in late 1997, while I was working as Marketing Manager at a technology firm in downtown Seattle.  I was approached by a co-worker who said her brother-in-law was starting a new business and could I build their new company a website? I said sure and the following weekend I created Topside Marketing as a vehicle for this “side jobs” I started doing for friends and the public.  Video was always a part of that, as it’s my background and my family business (I began working in film and video production with my Dad who was a studio manager and production manager in Hollywood – OK actually Burbank CA but…that’s another story) This continued growing until there was such large demand for my marketing services for small businesses that I was able to “quit my day job” in 2001 we incorporated in 2003 and have never looked back.

As the marketing landscape evolved (online and off) I began to realize as time went on that the thing I enjoyed the most, was the best at and probably had the brightest future was doing video for online applications.  My training and expertise in video production and my self-taught skill at web design and development placed me squarely at the crossroads of the online video explosion which is happening today and will only get bigger for the foreseeable future.  For the last two years (2017 and 2018) I’ve been morphing my company into Topside ProMedia LLC  – a full service video production company with a specialty in online video applications.

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